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  1. Jane says:

    Hi Nick I love your blog on Villard de Touage as I am just finalizing a trip there July for 3 weeks with my Aussie children and English husband. I am curious how was the region and who is Ziggles ? How is your French now? Cheers from Jane in Sydney

  2. zigelbaum says:

    Hi Jane, I’m in love with the Trieves and hope to get back there as soon as possible. It’s a beautiful place if you like mountains, local food and wilderness. I would suggest eating at Cafe des Sports daily and La Tour Feuillons at least once. Tell Sophie at Cafe des Sports that Sk’s nephew, me, sent you. They are all very sweet people. Jean-Luc, whom I butchered with, is the husband of the owner of La Tour Feuillons and their food is spectacular, albeit pricey.

    I’d be happy to write you more about the area if you want, write me back at I am ziggles, it’s part of my last name. My french is miserable because my girlfriend is fluent and she did all the speaking…

    takek care and good luck,

  3. Chris Adams says:

    Howdy. Saw your site randomly when I was searching for bee smokers. I am a bee keeper in northern California. Always intrigued by the people who choose the more honorable path of nature over the “conveniences” of human modernity. Hope all is well in your little part of the world. Keep up the good work.

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